About Me

I was amazed by these little creatures since I was just a child. I've always been drawn to the beauty of these birds and their song.

My grandfather kept ornamental pigeons for many years and the first thing I always did when I got to his house was to go feed the pigeons or look at the nests and touch the chicks.

I've never been able to have birds to myself because of the small space in my parent's apartment. It was only when I grew up and moved into my house that I decided to buy my first birds.

I started with ornamental pigeons for the first few years and I kept them in my garden in a cage I built. I had different breeds: the first breed purchased was a pair of monks then I changed on the West of Englands, Garden Fantails, Kings, Modenas, Rollers, and finally I fell in love with the German Owls which was the last breed of pigeons that I owned.

I had to give up this hobby for a while and I lived with the hope that I would come back again when I was ready but it didn’t happen for few years.

Visiting my friend’s lofts, I saw a goldfinch mule and I was amazed by the song and its very beautiful colors. When I found out what a goldfinch mule is, I decided to do more research.

It just happened to find out that a coworker had been raising songbirds for many years. Seeing with how much pleasure he was telling me about this hobby and knowing how beautifully these little birds are, I decided to buy myself a pair thinking that they do not require so much space because they are small.

I think he felt sorry for the day he made me fall in love with this hobby because the first two years I talked to him more than I ever talked with someone. But I want to thank him for all the good advice he gave me because today (after a few years of keeping birds) I can manage on my own.

The hardest part about trying to learn something new is the lack of information and I think that slows down the learning process for everyone. Years ago, there was very little information online about this hobby and what was available to the public was not described in much detail. Very few successful breeders will reveal their secrets to the whole world.

I have only a few years of experience in this field and I do not consider myself an expert because we all learn something new every day of our life, but I want to share with you everything I know about keeping and breeding these little birds.

We want to bring as much knowledge and useful information as possible to one place for all interested.

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