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Nurturing Love in Flight: The Art of Pairing Goldfinches for Breeding Magic

The European goldfinch breeding season starts relatively late, from the end of April to the end of July. During this time, the goldfinches are very territorial. It is recommended that each pair of goldfinches be kept in separate cages. This article is all about how to pair goldfinches and when to pair goldfinches.

The cages must be the minimum size but if possible, it would be advisable to give them more space.

If kept in mixed aviaries, the goldfinches begin to defend their territory in late April/early May. The territory is the area around their nest. There may be some fighting between birds protecting the area they consider their nesting territory from any intruder birds. Otherwise, they feed with the other birds. If the space in the mixed aviary is too small, they can fight to the death.

In the wild, the goldfinches are pairing well before the breeding season begins, even from wintertime when they travel in flocks. Therefore, pairing the goldfinches in captivity must be done a few months before the start of the breeding season. During this time, the chosen pair forms a bond and becomes familiar with the new cage. It is generally considered that a well-bonded pair have a better chance of rearing their own young.

How and when to pair goldfinches
Goldfinch pair
Natural habitat vs captivity

Because the goldfinch is a very shy bird, it is necessary that the new cage have a place of refuge. Few evergreen branches or artificial green plants to be fixed on the cage walls. This will be a place where they can hide and a place to install the nest later on.

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When to pair goldfinches

When the goldfinches are paired and moved to their own cage, it is very important to know exactly which is male and which is female. Sexing goldfinches is relatively easy but there are occasions when all the plumage marking could confuse even the most experienced breeders.

It is very important to know exactly if the birds are brothers or sisters. If so then they should never be put together as a breeding pair.

How to find out if your birds are siblings?

If the birds have been reproduced in your bird room then it is quite easy to know if they can be put in pairs or not. Many breeders take notes with the details of the rings or add a colorful ring to ease this later process.

If the birds were brought from other breeders then it is very important to find out the answer to this question when you get them. If you get more birds at once then it is important to remember this information and it is advisable to write down the info.

Even if I said that brothers and sisters cannot be paired, we still can put together father and daughter as this is one of the quickest and best ways of transmitting mutations and song quality.

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