Set of 4 Stackable Breeding Bird Cage for Canary Finch Small Birds


4 Cages, Stackable Design, Great Breeding cages for Breeding small Birds
2 Colors Option: Black or White
Each Cage Comes with 2 Dividors: Solid or Mesh
Front Access Doors and Side Nesting Box Doors
Sliding out Bottom Tray for easy Maintenance.

  • Set of 4, buy in bulk to save
  • Stackable design, alone or stackable use.
  • Great for breeding use.
  • Sliding out bottom tray for easy cleaning
  • Gross powder coating finish metal wire
  • 2 Center dividor types: solid board or bar mesh
  • Two front lift-up-open access doors
  • Two springed-side-open nesting doors at each side
  • Each Cage including accessories:
    • 4 Food & water cups
    • 4 perches
    • Mesh center dividor
    • Solid board dividor
  • Bar Space: 3/8″
  • Each Cage Dimension: L23 x W10.5 x H13.5 inches
  • Front door size: W4.5 x H4 inches
  • Side nesting box door size: 4 x 4 inches
  • Total dimension of 4 cages: L23 x W10.5 x H54 inches
  • Color: Black or White


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