The Melodious World of Pigeons: Sounds and Calls of the Pigeon Family


Afep Pigeon

Listen to the Afep Pigeon sound

Rock Pigeon


Listen to the Rock Pigeon sound

Mourning Dove

Listen to the Mourning Dove sound

African Collared Dove

Listen to the African Collared Dove sound

Collared Dove

Listen to the Collared Dove sound

Island Collared Dove

Listen to the Island Collared Dove sound

Mourning Collared Dove

Listen to the Mourning Collared Dove sound

Red Collared Dove

Listen to the Red Collared Dove sound

Bare Eyed Ground Dove

Listen to the Bare Eyed Ground Dove sound

Bare Faced Ground Dove

Listen to the Bare Faced Ground Dove sound

Black Winged Ground Dove

Listen to the Black Winged Ground Dove sound

Blue Ground Dove

Listen to the Blue Ground Dove sound

Croaking Ground Dove

Listen to the Croaking Ground Dove sound

Ecuadorian Ground Dove

Listen to the Ecuadorian Ground Dove sound

Golden Spotted Ground Dove

Listen to the Golden Spotted Ground Dove sound

Ground Dove

Listen to the Ground Dove sound

Long Tailed Ground Dove

Listen to the Long Tailed Ground Dove sound

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